Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Girls do not wear helmets in Delhi. It is a rule. Bordering on becoming one, at least. Our poor heads are of no value apparently. :/

Rusk with cold milk is delicious.

Roomie and I have same nightdress that has a cow's face on it.

I want to go home.

I am reading The Lowland at a leisurely pace coz I am scared that one day it will just end.

"Main naa nahi bolunga. Aap soch lo." --- you'd think this was some boyfriend of mine, but it's not. It's my gym instructor emotionally blackmailing me when I expressed a desperate desire to go home.

There is an epidemic. Honey Singh.

Big Boss has begun, there goes one hour of my life down the drain as people gather in my room to watch it. :I

Also, I am broke, yet again. Everytime I punch in my pin number at the ATM, I almost expect it to scream at me.

ok enough

Good night.


Creative Cushion said...

My students beg me to listen to Honey Singh. Weird these kids are.

Moo Moo said...

Today in the metro a young kid was humming his songs. It's a disease.