Friday, 20 November 2009

raising a toast to those days !

Many a time i think about everything that has happened in my life so far (nothing remarkable i know ! ) and i never stop being amazed by the changes that have happened at every step. At every moment something, someone seemed indispensable and yet when that thing or person went away from my life it did not bother much, except some rare exceptions. If 5 years ago some one had told me so and so would not be your friend after few years i would have burst into tears or felt saddened and yet when that happened all that remained was a calm acceptance and in some cases, indifference.
There was a girl in kindergarten with whom i shared burnt omlettes one with whom i was forever in the "aari" (not-talking) mode, a teacher with short curly hair , a teacher who did not let me eat my tiffin one day because i hadn't got a napkin , they are all nowhere right now. there was a time when i thought school would never end , how can a routine of 14 years just stop one day ! if i was a little "lamb" i would have perhaps written "the superannuated student" on the last day of school ! just one fine day you get up and there's no more hymns, no more chapel ,no more "party dresses" on children's day , no more of those dreaded p.t classes ! a chapter shut for ever ...

Having finished college what makes me think of school? Perhaps i yearn for that security, the comfort of knowing that you have to get up at 6.40 to catch a bus at 7 and you will be back by 3. Seems silly, but the absence of it is troubling me big time ! there were no "choices" then . no decisions to be made or held responsible for.
life was simpler, (i wouldn't have agreed to this if you had told me then ) life was all about coming home at 3 , watching yug and swabhiman and later steve irwin playing with crocodiles , some futile gossips, lots of unchartered territories (which seem so lame now !) and the only serious worry was something as immediate as not being prepared for an exam, not bringing the copy to class , "you told her that...i told you not to do so !" and such grave matters !

Miss those old days ....................

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