Friday, 16 May 2008

lazy summer afternoon

so wat r u supposed to do on a lazy summer afternoon??? calling up frends who complain of being equally bored....or to find dat dey are sleeping blissfully..hmmmmmmm some of my favourites...well complaining about the heat sitting in my ac room ...least bothered abt the bill dat dad will pay ... (yet m a verry responsible child u knw)......taking a tiring stroll to the fridge peek in and c if something edible exists ...den gobbling it wdout heating.....(moms sleeping who cares?)...uhhh or may be sitting fr 3 hrs wd a newspaper...reading an article....which looks so well what normally we call "hi -fi"...sample...i tried reading something about political contraries of karnataka (iv forgotten the exact title lolz) ...nt a single word registerd in my head.....still went thru it...god knws to whom i was pretending...den leafed thru those pages about the blast....den actually admired the tattoo on shobaa de's arm (i hate dem normally)...which again makes me wonder....hw much do i ..or we feel? we feel at all...? are we numbed or plain "used-to-it".....da other day...while the national news channels aired the blast reports...i was glued for a maximum of few minutes...was disgusted with all the footage..and pics of blood death violence den very conveniently shifted to watch the exciting ipl i becuming insensitive? dus it happen to others? god knws......ya so back to the afternoon...hmm all time favourite obviously wat if u cnt? BIG dilemma.....especially if u have woken up at 11.30 am........and den another thing to do is complain dat i have nuthing "to do" wen university exam is a month away...and a few competitive exams standing in line nt far behind........

guess iv typed too much fr a lazy person......yawn yawn

Saturday, 26 April 2008

why !

why even after 5 years parent's cnt understand the simple fact dat their daughter is vegetarian? i mean not eating fish doesnt amount to criminal offense.....and well food dusnt turn into garbage if fish's nt in it....

why some species of homo sapiens have tongues dat dnt tire of saying the same things over and over again.....wdout sympathy for one's bleeding ears and brains? sample.........why one's studying wat one's studying? why one is wearing wat one is wearing? ...on and on....blaaaaaaaaaaah !!! wish i cd snap my finger (after showing the right one) and make dem disappear....
why do i listen to "naina" from omkara and den ruin the efect by swaying to livin la vida loca .... (nt dat i didnt love ruining it...but den...why?? )

why dont i like people? people in general?? (dats after liking dem a moment ago...) and well m nt dat like-worthy either.......<>
why dont some people just die? i dnt care how ...i dnt care where...its just gotta be "now".....i mean i shd be endowed with the power to say "pop"...and pop shd burst their bubble of life !!! desired targets....a bugging teacher in college.... an opportunistic "friend"...... a goddamned irritating relative who calls me wen i sleep to ask why i sleep so much .... a political leader who says my city is nt polluted wen we are breathing poison....the fucking drivers who wana wake ppl up from sleep to board der buses while m getting late....
why isnt westside a little nearer to my house???

why cant men sit properly in autos???? why spread der legs as if ders an ocean in between ...wdout caring two other living souls are trying to accomodate demselves too.... why do dey smoke facing the window of a bus or car knwing fully well dat the air is blowing it right into the face of the person sitting next to them.... a gross pretension of courtesy !!
why do i have absolutely no clue abt my future wen every one has defined it?
.....(its nt a big worry though ... ha ha actually it is .... reality bites...scratches ...slaps ...
ouch !!! )

is cu such a fucked up university ??
why did Mr.Marlowe write something like edward the second .... ?? and why why do i have to read dat??

why are the people i hate so wonderful actually??? (o k a y only sometimes dat is )

why dont i live in a villa by a beach ?
why dont i feel like saying sho shweet to any kid dat i c? why do dey appear to my eyes as noise and mess making machines??? (okay i have no probs wd i a gifted mess-maker but the mess gotta make sense man ! ).........

......why is dis such a never ending list?? .

no idea.

Monday, 10 March 2008

invocations to the goddess of sloth...

firstly forgive me O divine holy trinity to pen down my thoughts is to deny the very existence of thy holy spirit of sloth....

do not shower me with curses ...i promise to compensate for this sin of "activity" with three whole days of absolute blissful inaction.

i worship thee daily with abundant hours of slumber , "doing nothing" and performing those grand actions in your honour of course in imagination...

a sincere thanks to my pillow for help ( i don't believe in taking someone else's credit) .....also thanks to my wonderful logic that helps me see clearly the uselessness of performing mundane tops the list.....

i pray for consistency being indifferent to distractions in my path of worship...may you impart the power of deep indifference to the forceful ,violent,distractions namely- shouting parents,frustrated teachers. and oh ! life that demands waking up...

i end my prayer in words to begin another in (in)action

forgive me trinity last question..
is silence so hard to practice while walking?? (oh my father hear my plea !)

is it necessary for mindboggling serials to exist? (oh my mother day i'll flee)

i sigh....i sigh yet again....saying all this has been such a pain
listening i know was a trouble for you too

i take my leave to trash the latest list of "to-do"...