Friday, 24 December 2010

Good-Mood-Food: The Cosmic Connection !

My mood is inextricably linked with the contents of my fridge. (I do not need to spell it out, it "shows" )

So lau and kumror torkari means I become sad and gloomy while a welcoming tub of Kwality Walls ice cream or  some good paneer curry can just make my day a tad bit brighter !

So here are my top  comfort food items ( thanks to results, relatives, lousy people in general, I need loads of comforting. A bonus is that food items do not talk so no unnecessary gyaaan !)

1. Dal- Bhaat- Aloo Bhaja: (rice, lentils and fried potatoes) Simple as it sounds any minor flaw in any of these 3 elements can absolutely ruin the experience. The bhaat cannot be gola gola (gluey), the aloo bhaja cannot be soaked in oil or undercooked and the dal has to of the right consistency. Everything right translates into pure bliss.

2. Ice Cream/ Chocolate: If you need a reason then well you need help my dear friend, you do.

3. Maggi:  Is delicious. A plate of perfectly cooked maggi infuses a "self-sufficient-individual" feel in me...okay its for two minutes ..still !!!

4.Dal Makhni: Butter in any form can do nothing but do good to one's mood. Some restaurants serve a liquidy "torka dal" that is hellish and makes me murderously angry but some places do serve up the good old one !

5. Mukhorochok Chanachur: this is Thakurda to "Bapi" which is a fake. I love the tok jhaal one.

6. Pizza: Hungry Kya?.....well I can only answer "Haaan Har Waqt !"

7. An edible home delivery meal: Being the lazy bug that I am I end up eating a lot of home delivery stuff and mostly order Chinese. Well at times what i get can solve all diplomatic problems between India and China, they will get so scared seeing the contents of the packets that they will run for cover. Once i cried the entire time eating my share of veg fried rice, the cook had been too kind with the black pepper. Then once I had a nightmare of dying a painful death caused due to gastronomical disasters because what I ate that night was supposed to be "mushroom" but was a menacing black slimy thing. So when such disasters do not occur and in a rare moment of divine kindness i get edible tasty home delivery food ...I am comforted...very much so !

8 Shingara: The good old bangali mishtir dokaan er shingara can give Monginis and Kathleen a run for their money. Two of them sitting on a plate with my evening cup of tea (with the right amount of sugar) can make or break an evening.

I must state (though it is a well-known fact) that my culinary skills are non-existent however this pseudo-expert tone is what I am extremely proud of , to the greatest irritation of my mother
(yes i criticize every dish !).


Honeybee said...

"Give me this day my daily slice
but, cut it thin and toast it twice.
I beg upon my dimpled knees,
deliver me from jujubees."

you need to diet. period.

chatterbox unplugged said...

Thy comments have compelled me to cross the line of polite speech hence:


chatterbox unplugged said...

forgt to add the smiley so------> :D

Deepika Vasudeva said...

lol.. me too a foodie person! but alas! some ppl don't lemme have my fav 'dishes'.. phew.!

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Deepika...but why??? That's criminal !!protest. NOW.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

that someone is my doctor :(

chatterbox unplugged said...

@deepika....o gosh..okay no protests there... !!!

Deepika said...

lol.. doctor se sab sarte hain...!

sunil said...

Incidentally , Shingara in most parts of india is called Samosa.
How come mishti doi (sweet curd ) is not on the list

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Sunil..... U knw there is a huge difference between the samosa and the bengali shingara....the shape is the same but the filling varies !! and mishti doi..i like it but it is not exactly my "comfort food"...i definitely would prefer a tub of chocolate ice cream instead :D.. but mishti doi will indeed make it to any quintessential bengali delicacy list !!

sunil said...

Is it ? I found it almost the same except up in north they put more chili and make it spicy to discomfort of many like me...

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Sunil... I do find a difference between the samosas from say haldirams etc...and the filling in the shingaras from the local sweet shops..... i prefer the latter...:)

sunil said...

Oh I see that stuff that they sell in packets has DAL filling and can be kept for a long time . The typical samosa that I was talking about has potato filling . There was typical slogan of laooji 'jub tak rahega samose mein aloo bihar mein raj karega laloo'

so bina aloo kaisa samosa? Refer

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ sunil....nah nah i wasn't talking abt tha packet one....i was talking abt one with the aloo filling only..its just the filling tastes different....the aloo mix is prepared seems we are indulging a never-before samosa analysis here !!! :D