Friday, 17 December 2010

Lessons Learnt Through Literature.

This is not for you if you are 1. Brilliant 2.Intolerant 3. My Teacher.

1. Never sit to read a theory essay without the OED

2.Mr. T.S. Eliot should have stuck to writing poetry.

3. "Studying Literature" can sometimes be synonymous to taking your favourite pizza under a microscope.... you are not allowed to eat it, only look at it closely analyzing the ingredients, the food group in which those ingredients belong, the country the ingredients originated in and so on.

4. You should more or less read/know/have heard about everything..... and I mean everything.

5. The text is GOD. It can save you when you know nothing ...and again I mean nothing else.

6. Your favourite item does not define the entire buffet. If you have a good starter, the dessert might be a nightmare. For  eg. Don't be excited seeing Jhumpa Lahiri or Rushdie on the stage, Mulk Raj Anand may be laughing hysterically at you, behind the curtain.

7. If you do not understand anything do not call up your friend. If you are lucky they'll tell you they did not understand either , if you are not God's favorite child you will hear an hour long lecture that will confuse you all the more. If she understood better she wouldn't have been your friend ! Get it?

8.  Don't call up any bespectacled-good attendance person 2 days before your exam, your self confidence will be broken, crushed in a grinder, dissolved in a solvent and then finally it will evaporate and cease to exist.

9.  You are still human if you don't like certain poems, Don't go by the "fuck off you animal " look some people give you when you say you hate an author.

10. Do not write blogs 3 days before your exam like I am doing. Go and study.


Deepika Vasudeva said...

that was awesome... even i wish no teachers read it... better read it and i never get to know they

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Deepika...thnks :)

Aurora said...

this one must be a reaction to Mr. Eliot's essays that we had to mug befor d exams...even frustration can create something soooo meaningful.. na?

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Aurora.... yeaaah ...u guessed my source of inspiration ! :)