Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lets "Shake" things up a bit ...Shall we?

"Othello" being screened in Bangladesh  Othello Korlo Kelo

Sign outside a delivery room in a hospital.  Jubilous Caesar 

A hydrating skin potion. A Midsummer Night's Cream.

A birdie's migratory abode. Temp-nest

Stock Clearance . A Winter's Sale.

A Marwaari businessman paying respect to Steve Jobs. Mac-seth


Honeybee said...

oh no!! Please tell me your PJ series won't come on to this blog now! [Scared look, Trembling knees, Beads of sweat down the forehead runs] :P

chatterbox unplugged said...

aaaaaah its "my" blog darling..... nethng i wish may come here ... (smug grin at your trembling knees ) :P