Sunday, 19 December 2010

How Much Is Your I.Q ??

No need to scream a three digit figure . I am talking about your Impatience Quotient. Mine is pretty high especially about the following.

1. Break-Up/ Patch Up stories that refuse to end. When we ask "what happened" we mean "give me the spicy bit and shorten the sob story"..if that seems too crass then let me explain.... even in case of very (VERY) good friends the trajectory is something like "okay tell me- poor/lucky you- that is really great/sad-- oh there is more ?- okay go on-- God this is never ending".

2. Boring Lectures: If they are good eye-candy then may be one or two can be forgiven. You can just totally look interested without listening a word of it. But even that gets tedious after sometime. Either they dictate  or they learn and recite or say something which is comprehensive only to them. If you are lucky enough to have long hair and earphones then great, otherwise be prepared to suffer.

3. The plateau phase of a relationship: Every diet has this "plateau" phase where you do not lose weight  and everything is at a standstill. Same in a relationship. After a certain point in time there is just nothing to talk about. . and how long can one pretend to be interested in one's- a.timetable b. career c. hobbies d.crazy things. ... the Papri Chaat becomes a tasteless gravy chowmein sooner or later. ( some are great and work for years , but this type also exists ! ).

4. Bollywood Comedy Films: They never make me laugh. I only get a royal headache. Period.

5. Relatives. Self-appointed caretakers of your future/love life/ marriage/ education/career/ daily routine. I miss having a ferocious Doberman when I see the worst samples of this breed of human beings.

The list is endless but these are pretty much the worst of that list.

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