Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Few Films , Which I Saw In The Theaters And Then Felt like Murdering Myself-2

4. Inception: This might raise a few eyebrows (for the first time i don't regret the fact that very few people read my blog). The first response that this elicits is that i have not understood the "complex" movie, well, trust me i have ! I had previously blogged about it but that was more of an outlet for the extreme levels of annoyance that i experienced immediately after watching the film.

I think now i am at a better position to explain why i did not like it. Reason 1. Flimsy Plot: Leo knows how to plant ideas in dreams, tries it on his wife, screws her up, she dies. Goes on trying it on every one else, gets screwed up himself, lastly tries it on one guy, takes help and well they succeed. Yes there have been films which have had thinner plot lines, sillier concepts ( example: all the rom-com's), but they never pretended to be anything else. 2. simplified execution: everything was  simplified to the bare minimum. To show leo's levels of subconscious, they showed an elevator scene, how much more explicit can you get? They did try a great deal to impress with all the time travel, which was gripping in the beginning but in the last few minutes of the film, with three incidents happening at 3 levels , i was yawning, not out of confusion but out of boredom. 3.overdoing the dream and "subconscious" thing: I mean for someone who has not seen any movies related to this concept , this might seem like a great idea, but the truth is better films have been made on this subject. Altering dreams was a part of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, but there this was a concept used in the plot, it was not the plot. Here the novelty of the "idea" dies fast, its a bore-athon for the remaining part of it.
what however saves it , is the brilliant cinematography, the visuals when Leo and the Ellen take a walk, and he is explaining stuff to her, is breathtaking........

I think the biggest thing that worked in its favour was a bad first lot of audience...they had never seen anything similar to it......the time travel, cinematography overwhelmed them, they praised the movie to the sky and then the reviewers gave a lukewarm response (at least the reviewers i read and consider level headed- A.O Scott, Rajeev Masand) and well the rest like me , followed the herd to find out what's happening? why such a loud buzz about it??? sorry folks...i was seriously disappointed!

5. Autograph: For Inception I felt bad that i ignored Masand's and Scott's implicit advice, but for this i do not have any cause to blame myself. Another Rituparno Ghosh wannabe movie that just failed to make a mark. Great songs...i mean GREAT songs but terrible movie. Nandana looked caked with make up. The romance between the couple looked so forced that i thought they were real life siblings forced to act in a romantic role. The movie within a movie device , so beautifully employed in Abohoman , was ridiculously employed here. The change in Indraneel's character was just weirdly abrupt !...and Prosenjit overacted in the first half ......especially during his first encounter with the wannabe director in his flat. The actors looked ill at ease on-screen. Plot could have been executed better in a less "wannabe-aaantel" or "o-i'm-so-intellectual" way.

Very little was real about the film despite the efforts to keep it so. i mean Nandana leaves the house at night then goes alone to that highway dhaba to pay the little boy, and the whole going-for-dinner-every-night thing was irritating, no sane girlfriend would do that and no boyfriend would tolerate that ... (okay this is a personal opinion). It was a total headache generator all the way...i expected a mature performance from Prosenjit (like in Dosor)...but again was disappointed. The ending was  irritatingly cliche, with Nandana going to a hill station to teach (like Kareena in Jab We Met).....there would be no unemployment in West Bengal if getting such a job would be that easy (did the director wonder what the GJM is revolting about in Darjeeling??? ).....and why is teaching the most depressing alternative to a screwed up life??? well lets face it...not all teachers are frustrated souls (some are for sure !)............and i was totally taken aback by Mr. Barun Chanda's review in t2... he found Abohoman difficult to understand , which i definitely did not ( may be Shob Choritro was a little too much of a poetry to digest but certainly not Abohoman), and he pointed out several flaws in Autograph but not the fact that it was a hacked up effort of employing the devices of movie within a movie....flashback scenes etc......... neways....

That's the end of my list....here's praying i do not waste my dad's money watching any stupid film the next year!!

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