Saturday, 26 April 2008

why !

why even after 5 years parent's cnt understand the simple fact dat their daughter is vegetarian? i mean not eating fish doesnt amount to criminal offense.....and well food dusnt turn into garbage if fish's nt in it....

why some species of homo sapiens have tongues dat dnt tire of saying the same things over and over again.....wdout sympathy for one's bleeding ears and brains? sample.........why one's studying wat one's studying? why one is wearing wat one is wearing? ...on and on....blaaaaaaaaaaah !!! wish i cd snap my finger (after showing the right one) and make dem disappear....
why do i listen to "naina" from omkara and den ruin the efect by swaying to livin la vida loca .... (nt dat i didnt love ruining it...but den...why?? )

why dont i like people? people in general?? (dats after liking dem a moment ago...) and well m nt dat like-worthy either.......<>
why dont some people just die? i dnt care how ...i dnt care where...its just gotta be "now".....i mean i shd be endowed with the power to say "pop"...and pop shd burst their bubble of life !!! desired targets....a bugging teacher in college.... an opportunistic "friend"...... a goddamned irritating relative who calls me wen i sleep to ask why i sleep so much .... a political leader who says my city is nt polluted wen we are breathing poison....the fucking drivers who wana wake ppl up from sleep to board der buses while m getting late....
why isnt westside a little nearer to my house???

why cant men sit properly in autos???? why spread der legs as if ders an ocean in between ...wdout caring two other living souls are trying to accomodate demselves too.... why do dey smoke facing the window of a bus or car knwing fully well dat the air is blowing it right into the face of the person sitting next to them.... a gross pretension of courtesy !!
why do i have absolutely no clue abt my future wen every one has defined it?
.....(its nt a big worry though ... ha ha actually it is .... reality bites...scratches ...slaps ...
ouch !!! )

is cu such a fucked up university ??
why did Mr.Marlowe write something like edward the second .... ?? and why why do i have to read dat??

why are the people i hate so wonderful actually??? (o k a y only sometimes dat is )

why dont i live in a villa by a beach ?
why dont i feel like saying sho shweet to any kid dat i c? why do dey appear to my eyes as noise and mess making machines??? (okay i have no probs wd i a gifted mess-maker but the mess gotta make sense man ! ).........

......why is dis such a never ending list?? .

no idea.

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