Saturday, 7 April 2012

Today I experienced a sort of epiphany. I realised that in the recent past I often did not opt for books that I knew I would enjoy instead I tried to read books that I thought I should read. It is the biggest blunder in the world. It is okay to hear names, it is okay to ask for suggestions but when after 2 pages your head tells you "WTF!" then it is time to bid goodbye to that kind of book (I say "kind" because "that" book I will finish- it is like a pregnancy that I can't terminate...will have to deliver the baby...finish the damned option there). As a result I have been rather slow in my reading, something that I intend to change. I will obviously be open to suggestions and recommendations of others (I will ask them) , but I will never ignore the voice in my head again.

I don't REALLY "get" early 20th century fiction (broad category...I don't even know all the authors probably...) . It is a scandalous confession. My fingers are protesting as I type it out. Some essays, fine. Some short stories here and there. A novel or two. Fact is, I can't read through most of it. I can't leave a book basically if it's a novel I struggle for a week and finish it and feel drained and don't go near one for a long time until the guilt pangs hit me again. Given half a chance I would pick a Jhumpa Lahiri over Joyce .

It is a terrible, terrible feeling to confess this. Thanks to my initial aversion I really have not read enough. I haven't given it a chance. Oh. Terrible. So , so, so terrible.

(If you are judging me, please do not comment, I am already judging myself..also do not give me list of your favourite authors will make me feel more miserable)

Anyway, bye. This is not working. I don't want to feel terrible on a Saturday night.

PS: I absolutely HATE the American Library. They do not renew overdue books over phone and are extremely rude. I think I am staring at a 3 figure fine for my overdue books. :(


Atanu Dey said...

What book were you reading that made you write this piece of Blog? But I agree, there are some so called "Classics" which tend to be a pain in where the sun doesn't shine.

moo-moo said...

None of my immediate readings influenced this post.

moo-moo said...

Also,I am not talking about classics in general.

Nivedita said...

I kind of agree with you Shiny. By the end of the session I had realized I was losing the pleasure of reading. So, went on a detox mode.
Yes! The American library is so weird! They don't renew books overdue over telephone, they don;t have a fine limit. Moreover, if you give them a big bill for the fine, instead of asking you to pay later, in case they don;t have a change, they offer to give you a back the change next time. Doesn't matter if that's a big amount they are to return.

Arse Poetica said...

Ish, Jhumpa Lahiri! Yuck.

Btw Joyce er Dubliners er kono kotha hobe na. Taar pore uni aar porar jonyo lekhen ni.

moo-moo said...

Please! I LOVE Jhumpa Lahiri. Agree about Dubliners.