Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bi-Lingual Invocation To Shujji Mama: Not For Purists.

Shujji Mama
Plz stop the drama
Why don't u wake up early??

Without roddurer shongo
there is no nidra-bhongo
Why don't you wake up early?

Every morning- one look at the ghori
Then the situation is pretty "mori! mori!"
Why don't you wake up early?

Mamu, I read , its a chariot  you drive
but its on a rickety 71 that I thrive
so why don;t you wake up early?

All the early morning jaatris
Are they not your sneher paatris?
So why the hell don't you wake up early?

Kindly from agami kaal
Have pity on my attendance er haal
And for God's sake wake up early .

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