Friday, 28 January 2011

TLC ... ..Decadence Walk Slowly Into My Soul :D

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Like a favourite nook in the house, many people have a favourite nook amidst the array of TV channels, this nook is that special channel which you switch on when nothing worthwhile airs on nook is TLC or Travel and Living, as it was formerly called.  I just see hotels where my dad's entire retirement fund would have bought a night's rent, i see people owning islands .....I see women lounging around in Fendi stores. .. and experience luxury vicariously ! 

here is my laugh-love-hate story..

First some shows which make me laugh....unintentionally of course

The Hilarious:

1 Nigella Cooks: there are other cookery shows on this channel but the names vary. This name has a special significance, it lays stress on " Cooks ", to help you remain convinced that she really "cooks" because everything you see on screen is so far removed from that word. She pouts, squeezes, moans and then makes a dish which my 2 year old niece can cook but wouldn't eat. her bathtub will  feature in the show  at least for a minute( once it did as a pseudo-wine-cooler and once she stepped in it to relax with a papaya filled with ice-cream and cherries).

She makes simple things like whipping up cream (with a food processor of course) and squeezing lemons and chopping coriander, seem like rocket science. She takes pride on being sloppy. Guys can get a high watching her...but after a hard day of travelling in the ramshackle buses plying on the streets of Kolkata, Nigella Cooks makes me laugh more than any comedy show !

2. Shimmy  : 3 girls wearing bikini tops with some loose trousers doing belly dancing. Nothing wrong with that, plenty would have enjoyed that. But the problem is that the show's format pretends to teach it's viewers to work out...... I mean many would sweat just by seeing that... why work out? 

3. Floyd's India: this man Keith Floyd  travelled to different parts of India, cooking stuff that is local. What irritated the hell out of me was his patronizing tone ! i mean who asked you to come here? Go to Switzerland and cook.But it was hilarious when I saw him cooking Indian dishes. He was bad...and yet he was apparently "teaching" people to cook Indian food ...he cooked pav bhaji in Mumbai...I would not dream of touching that ! may his soul rest in peace.

4. John And Kate Plus 8: uhhhh a couple with 8 kids ....showing how they are managing their life....extremely sorry but couples with one kid are irritating enough :) was good fun to watch the show... it was like a zoo. 

The Good 

1. Hell's Kitchen: Reason....1. Gordon Ramsay, 2. Gordon Ramsay , 3. Gordon Ramsay...... He is this strapping old man ( need i say drop-dead gorgeous) who mouths expletives at contestants who try desperately to cook.... well i give a damn about the contestants but I love Ramsay, sarcasm just overflows from his lips. :) 

2. Project Runway: I do not blame guys, even I love Heidi Klum, apart from that just a great format , which MTV ripped to create its own lousy version!.... ( what's with the stay raw thing anyway??? i wish i could throw a raw koi mach at them and say "now you moron stay Raw!) 

3. What Not To Wear With Trinny and Susannah: Just love the way they trample all over the disgusting clothes that some people wear !! but on a serious note they really help some poor guys :D

4. Samantha Brown's show: I love this woman, one of the most spontaneous hosts ever and does not bore with useless details about the place she visits....I love her expressions when she visits some of the most decadently luxurious hotels ever !!!

5. Kylie Kwong's show : I love Chinese food....(not the chili chicken-mixed chowmein fare available at the home delivery outlets) ... This woman is the goddess of Chinese food.... to see her chopping veggies is almost therapeutic....i wish i could just grab the head of some people, hand it to her and see it being finely chopped like those shallots :) but she rustles up some great stuff ! i can't cook (AT ALL) still you can trust me on this one!

The Bad: 

1. LA INk: I am sorry I hate tattoos. Whenever i see them i feel like getting a soap.... this show just does not work for me !

2. Some Art and Craft show : see i don't even know the name. I always got a C for art and craft, so watchinga group of people making some gigantic art and craft stuff is just plain humiliating !

3. Some bike /car show: again I do not know the name. They break apart cars and bikes and then create new stuff. not interested-switch-channel-stuff.


Nivedita said...

I sooo agree with you. True, NIgella cooks and the photographer focuses on her cleavage!!!! we get o see so less of her cooking and that also looks like a concoction of cream, oil on raw veggies or simple cheese toasts!! ARGH! nd on the tattoo show they keep talking about how they recruit their stafff or keep doing the tatoo which becomes so monotonous.
Btw, don't you watch the Ian Wright's show?

Harish said...

the second one sounds inviting for sure :-). i used to watch ndtv good times a lot. now it is boring.

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Nivedita.... yeah i watch a lot of other shows...Wright, then that one Man vs Food, bobby chin's shows etc etc...the list is the channel really.....i will do a post exclusively on Nigella...she fascinates me !!! LOlz will be based on how she wd cook dall bhaat and aloo bhaja.:)

@ Harish 2nd one ...yeah sure!
expected !! I liked NDTV goodtimes myself but my cablewallah has kinda stopped airing it...loved Heavy Petting, I'm too sexy for my shoes, first ladies etc etc dnt get to watch it now !!