Monday, 2 January 2012

Ma Kali in the Dustbin.

I am sure the world will end in 2012. My father, in a calendar changing spree, crumpled an old calendar and threw it in the dustbin. The calendar had Ma Kali's picture on it. All my grand protests fell on deaf ears because he thought I was joking.Alas! I was not. The dustbin is not a comfortable place to be in. I am sure Ma Kali will take revenge. With serene Saraswati , gobla Gonesh or demure Lokkhi , may be we would have had a chance- but Ma Kali. HuhuhuhuHahahaha!

So,if the world ends in 2012 you all know my father is the culprit.

My mother with her haemoglobin level hovering around 7 , wanted to go to Kalyani and gave a rather hurt-puppy look when my father and I stared at her in utter disbelief. While I am happy dozing like crocodile , my mother wants to paint the town red, of course according to her the demented doctor who has asked her to rest knows nothing.

Filled to the brim with a what-the-heck feeling.

Songs from Pakeeza and Mughal e Azam( Meena Kumari and Madhubala were so damn beautiful !! )...

 an overdose of television, sleep and green peas .... finally a clean desk.

The highly sophi BCL photo frame is now adorned with another sketch-pen drawing (FYI, I am a great artist haah!) . Hoo lala the first day of the year gone. 

With a nice plan all set for tomorrow I should be relaxed and merry, instead, strangely enough I am  in a very bleh mood.

Too many people died last year.

Too many people getting married.

All the celebrities are reproducing at the same time. Some breeding season thing perhaps.

Everyone is working but not everyone is happy. (remuneration apparently isn't the issue here).

Some erstwhile nice and fun people have turned into Gyanodis. (preachers). Annoying!

I am no longer excited about birthdays.

I am buying more books than I am reading.

I have watched The Proposal and The Devil Wears Prada a nauseating number of times. They are my top comfort movies. Now I am sick of them. Okay not The Proposal But TDWP definitely.

I will start eating eggs sometime this year. I am not getting proper nutrition, according to my omniscient father. Also I want to recall what ommelette tastes like.

I am in love with Audrey Hepburn. I am confident that Audrey and Vivien Leigh did not eat.

I am posting too much nonsense here. Need to take a break.

Rezwana Choudhuri Bonya has got a hair cut which I don't like. I preferred her waist-length hair, she looked more serene and beautiful.

I don't like Angelina Jolie but I liked Salt.

Good Night.


Honeybee said...

Oh I get it, You cleaned your desk today. No wonder!

NB: I still liked your rant :)

moo-moo said...

@honeybee yep I did. YAY!