Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Last night I watched Monalisa Smile , again. I have seen it in the past but in bits and pieces, was never lucky enough to catch the whole movie.  I just love the movie and Roberts of course.

The last scene where she is leaving in a car and suddenly notices all her students following her in a cycle , trying to keep up with the car, waving goodbye , I couldn't hold back tears when I saw that scene.

Yesterday I also read a  Henry James and my silly mind went back to that Notting Hill scene where Hugh Grant tells Julia that she'll be good in a Henry James. After all like like Daisy Miller, Anna Scott too was an American in Europe, innocent in her own way, wild and eccentric in her own way. :)

I will not say a word about Pretty Woman. There's not a single scene in that movie, which I don't love or in which I don't think - "oh- she looks soooo lovely".

PS- With a free antivirus I am on a downloading spree. God save my computer.

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