Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy New Year.

See what's the point in wishing on first Jan? You must have already received wishes from your loved ones. By now, the happy and the new -ish feeling starts to wither.

Cornflakes breakfast after a long time ( if one is eating cornflakes at 3.30pm and it's the first meal of the day, it qualifies as breakfast. right?) . Hmmph.

Things that need my attention now . NOW NOW NOW.

1. Facebook. Need to put a comma, if not a full stop on that. A great way to stay in touch, but it's messing with my already messed up head. Who is doing what? Who wore what? Who is nyaka? Who is brilliant? Who went where? Who accompanied whom? I deserve a royal kick now. I end up wasting a lot of time knowing details about a lot of people who really don't matter. Time to rein in the curiosity-horse. Deactivating the account will be an easier thing to do but the temptation , I know, will be too great. So self-control it is.

2. Food. Don't eat a lot but end up eating all kinds of unhealthy stuff. Yesterday I skipped lunch, but post-dinner gobbled up 3000 (half a pack I mean) elaichi flavoured biscuits. I am physically incapable of dieting, I don't want to. I just want to eat stuff that's nice to my digestive system.

3. Study. First two days of the week, I am motivation personified. After that things go downhill at an alarming  rate. From a tolerable 10 am, my waking-up time becomes a horrifying 12 p.m. I put it down to the weather/post-job-laziness-that'll-wear-off . This has to stop, else I am dead.

In other news (this blog has become a news bulletin of my life thanks to my lazy mind) I have started eating Eggs! The bad news is I thought that my parents, who in recent times begged/threatened me to at least start eating eggs, would stop lamenting. It turns out that I hugely underestimated their expectations, now that I'm eating eggs , my father fondly dreams of a day when I'll eat fish and whenever they cook chicken, I am asked to eat or taste at least  "ek piece". Arrrgh.

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