Sunday, 16 September 2012

Someone just tweeted about Chatar matar and Fatafat.

I remember we stayed in a rented house when I was in Nursery and I studied in Alipore Tiny Tots. Everyday as I walked back home with Ma, there was a dadur dokan that we crossed and I would inevitably ask for a hojmi. Some days my mother indulged, on other days she didn't.

I always hated chocolate lollies, they stick to your teeth, in unreachable corners, same reason why I hate eclairs.


Particular Girl said...

I hate eclairs too! When I am in polite company, I have to keep smiling with my lips shut and let my tongue do all the exercise of hauling the sticky chocolate out of my molars. The tongue fails of course, and I can't even show my anger at the stupid toffee, because I'm in polite company. humph.

moo-moo said...

Suffer from the same dilemma. :P