Saturday, 24 July 2010

something sublime ........

Yeah I am a bad poet
Perhaps 'cause I rhyme
Sorry just can't find the time
To think of something..........something sublime

Should I write about things that don't exist
Overwhelming , mind-numbing love, adoration, ideals
Or ..a girl slashing her wrist, a suspense story?

Read two things today, two things,
Shakespeare talking about "widow Dido"
And a mother choking her daughter with a pillow.

Can i pretend? looking at the sky--- looking uh well ... thoughtfully
Fluffy cotton wafts, dew drops, and rain
While I secretly long to submerge myself
Amidst the neon mall lights again.

Should I check the latest fashion trend?
Still-dead-toes, plus sized clothes and lipstick
Or should I with spectacled eyes,ponder about the futility of life?
Then buy an  ultra-philosophical book,
And go to bed with the latest best seller
Reading about the master's wife being raped by the cook..

Should I call someone and talk for a few long hours
Bitch about the world at large
Experience my own catharsis
"calm of mind all passions spent"
Winks and nods .. that was nice to vent !

Should I count the pimples on my cheek?
Ah no ! I'd be counting for weeks
Sigh...pimple creams don't work, neither does the government..
THERE !that's a sublime thought !!

Yaah my definition of sublime differs
Sub-lime...uhhm position of the juice tetra-pack
in my fridge below the lemon's rack..

Ain't that funny?

Laugh ! come ON ! you are supposed to....
- We do what we are supposed to do,
No Kidding. who am i fooling?
You are too intelligent! sigh !
Don't you now fret.
I told you I ain't a poet.
No brain , No time
To think of something....sublime............

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Mayank said...

welcum back Chit-chat-piller:)