Thursday, 29 July 2010


Saw inception, found it to be over the top, overrated, and over hyped.  unnecessary complications which however does not challenge the audience (hence its popularity i believe), everything is explained along the way in the most obvious fashion . a Chinese box dream structure (i will shoot someone if i hear the word sub-conscious again !) .

 the gigantic sets are overwhelming and thats just about what the sets are there to do- overwhelm- period .the challenge was not to understand the movie but to sit through it.  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind dealt with a sort of similar concept in a much more engaging and subtle way.

i would rather  buy a ticket to watch Udaan again . 


Honeybee said...

me wants to comment on thy blog... i love that chatterpillar's pic :)

chatterbox unplugged:no room for pseudo sympathy said...

thou can comment on any blog that thou wishes.....nd i love ur beeee too :)