Friday, 11 February 2011

Essentials If you Are Appearing For An Exam In India

1. Doiyer Phonta (a curd spot :ya you can laugh): this is what adorns the foreheads of numerous children as they enter the exam hall. It is considered auspicious. The only benefit of topical application of curd that I know of is that it cures dry skin....mine is oily so did not try out this beauty therapy on exam days....(chuckle chuckle).

2. Glucose Er Jol (glucose water): Good old water is never enough for the E-Day. Moms very kindly pack a bottle of glucose water.  It provides extra energy . (which can make them restless, pee more etc etc...but who cares?)

3. Some Dried Flowers: No they are not endowed with magical powers yet they find a place in pencil boxes, pockets and what-not.  everyone is not a phool.... after has God's blessings.. (grinnn)

4. A photograph of a deity:  This is rubbed all over the answer scripts. Why? no idea (no abhishek is not standing beside me to say get-Idea).

5. At least one parent/guardian waiting outside the hall- worrying and panicking about everything that might happen inside. Every martyr needs mourners. A-men!


Aurora said...

good one...
but it's only dried flowers and one of my parents outside the exam hall for me. can't 'identify' with the rest. :/ :P

chatterbox unplugged said...

:) parent outside is a compulsion at times..... hell I had my dad waiting 4 me last year when I was sick !! dried flowers remind me of "shuo pokaa" , so I leave them at home !