Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Daak Naam

Excuse me if any of these happen to be yours. The fun as always is purely unintentional ******innocent face******

Maam : A sheer Product Of laziness. Why didn't you spend a few more seconds to come up with something less common? Suppose You are the father of this girl, you call out this name on a street in Kolkata, at least 4 or 5 girls will come running towards you, from different houses. How does that reflect on your character? Would it have hurt to add a few more syllables? At times when the child grows up both mother and daughter call each other by the same name....confusion spanning generations.

Mampi: When I said "few" more syllables, I did not mean "one".

Tubai/ Buba...Tumpa/Jhumpa...Riya/Piya...etc etc : Just imagining how would i bid farewell to such a person...bye bye bubai? ta ta tubai ? Rhyming is a dangerously addictive game. I am a victim myself. My nickname was agreed upon after rhyming letters with the nick names of my cousin sisters..... they had exhausted all the nice letters..i was left with horrid choices :( :(

Tubri:  I knew a girl who had such a nick name. Adds a whole new dimension to ruffians calling a hot babe "phataka"...here are the parents doing the honours. What next? "chorki shona school jabe?" .. "rong moshal baba ke cha dao?"

Raja/ Rani: Well... they are not rajas and ranis and their name would haunt them for the rest of their lives if they make a complete mess out of it. parents...take note.

Puchki: Okay agreed she was "puchki" once upon a time, so were you, but spare a thought what if she grows up to be 6ft ??? What would you say then? "amader puchki khuub lomba??" or god forbid if she is of my height.... "amader puchki khub puchki?"..... for once the insurance people are right. Plan ahead.

Puchku/ Puchi/ Puchu/Kochu: awwww  how sweet........ **hicccup**... You are dying ...your son is in office attending a board meeting , you call his secretary and say "puchu ke phone dao...ami maaraa jachhi".... well write it down if you want...puchu will deny his existence .

Add to the list If you want to.



Puchku .. LOL . Wht ws urs i wonder ?

Simantini Sinha said...

Mine sounds kinda filmy - Jhilik! And the connection is indeed filmy, 'coz my family was so impressed with Mahua in "Anuraager Chhowa" that they decided to make me the real life Jhilik. But I so hate stylish nicknames like Shilpa, Tina, Chandni etc. Nicknames are supposed to be adorable and not perfect, right? Here are some nicknames I know of (hope these people never get to see this page!!)-
Bini - Adding "Bi" of the father's name and "Ni'" of the mother's name
Tipu - 'coz the boy was born on the day the sets of Tipu Sultan was burnt in an accident.
Bhutun - 'coz his parents lived in Bhutan when he was born.
Laltu, Haa(n)daa - don't ask me why!
Minti - Tinti - sisters, as you would have probably guessed!
Ruku - I pity the girl. She was badly teased by boys in her school with "ruk ruk ruk, are baba ruk".

So, what's your's, Ms.Das?

moo-moo said...

@Simantini.... Mahua ke keu mone rekheche kina jani na...but Jhilik right now is that rather annoying bere-panka girl of MAA :D .. and "chandni" as a nickname? god..it's good enough for a school book label, what's her good name I wonder? Chandnishwori? Chandobilota etc?