Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Darling...

(If you think it is about you, well, it is.)

Firstly darling do not call me 
When I am sleeping peacefully
I do not blurt out secrets in sleep
neither do I mumble gracefully

If you have recently broken up
then take a moment I pray
Let off some steam somewhere else
Before you commence your royal bray.

If you want to go shopping
At least ask if I have any money
watching you shop while I am broke
is no fun. Do you realize that honey?

Your status message on facebook
Can be "a job with a huge salary" 
Why not keep it simple darling?
instead of the foreplay-ish "Me  happy".

O and darling.... darling, do remember
my father is not a millionaire
if you owe me a book or anything else 
please return it because  I hate to share!

One last thing my sweetheart
I know you miss me very much 
But sending a forwarded sms every minute
Is not exactly my idea of "being in touch"

Okay my dear now it is time
For you to  have your say ..
On second thoughts....do shut up darling
I am not interested anyway.