Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Diary.

Writing after ages.... and don't know where to begin. Parents returned from this amazing Europe tour while I was  at home with my grandmother and spent 14 days with her (the twenty-sixty saga- yes i know i am not twenty , so what? the saga is for another day). Parents had the time of their life in Europe and I did the same in Kolkata. Visited Maddox square for the first time ever. That is pretty unusual for someone who has grown up in Kolkata but really, if you know me, the lazy me, then it is not that surprising. Apart from the gorgeous traditional idol at Maddox, the atmosphere was electrifying. The theme Pujas have really killed the true essence of Durga Puja. We have pandals constructed out of every materaial on earth- you name it, we have done it. Amidst the frenzy of being noticed in the puja competitons and grabbing the advertiser's attention-  the Idol has receded into the background, the competition is no longer for the best puja it is for the most bizarre puja...thankfully one look at the Maddox idol was enough to bring back the peace that I associate with this festival, yes peace, not shopping-pandal hopping-egg roll craziness . Those mesmerizing pair of eyes , fierce as fire yet full of motherly benevolence. I could have spent ages just looking at the idol. One thing that I will never forget is the sight of a 70 something Dadu blowing a bhenpu (a toy whistle made out of paper). The sheer spirit of vibrant , unfettered joy was exhilarating. Fultooo masti (sense could not be conveyed without the  desi touch).

Back to my Sunday. Flipkart was a great help. I ordered some books and 4 of them are here. Born Free , Nine Lives, The Palace of Illusions and Debjan. Two more will follow. I have begun reading the Palace of Illusions by Divakaruni, which is the tale of Mahabharata told from Draupadi's POV. So far I like it. I have a soft corner for the epic and plan to read the whole of it some day (had started but thanks to a thing called life, never managed to finish it). The Born Free book is an anniversary edition and it has many pictures of Elsa and the Adamson couple, admired Elsa for a long time. I still remember crying buckets while watching the movie. First came across Elsa, the amazing lioness, in a small extract from the book, which we had in our English Literature Syllabus back in class 5. Can't wait to read the book and revisit Elsa's terrain.

A lot happened last week:
1. I read Revolution 2020.Huge disappointment after 2-states.  It was cliched, annoying, in fact more annoying than the call-centre book. I am not looking for serious stuff , just plain 2 minute maggi masala entertainment and it did not even deliver that. Sorry Mr. Bhagat.
2. It rained and the weather is slightly chilly , that time of the year when it is dark by 5.30. Miss the sun, not the sweat.
3. Irritating Tuni (tiny ) bulbs are up in my neighbourhood houses. I know, I know diwali is the festival of light and sound , yes the sound is on too (arrrgh!) and the light is annoying because the bulbs light up my terrace and i can't take my dark, brooding, lady-byron walk anymore.
4. I absolutely adore the "chutki" song in Dirty Picture.

In other news, I have gobbled up a big packet of chanachur, and an endless amount of Swiss chocolate. A friend is getting married next month and a few of us had plans to shed a few kilos , needless to say , our collective will power is that of a hungry dog with a bowl of chicken in front of him. :)

Sunday just whizzed by,  a little desk-cleaning, a little bit of books, loads of sleep, a phone call, utterly unhealthy food, ambitious will-do-it-next-week plans and yes it is over once again.

That is about it.

Crapatharsis over.

 get back to work my lovely jobless people. I write only for you, serving you the boring details of my life on a platter. Enjoyed? Good. Now bye.