Monday, 19 March 2012

A normal day after such a long time. yay !! I slept before 2 a.m and woke up at 9. (literally stepped out of bed at 10.30 but I can day dream and drift off and repeat the routine for 1 and a half hours easily. )

Met my crazy friends yesterday. One wore a rose earring , i.e a purple rose attached to a long silver earring. I quite liked it. We watched Kahaani. I loved the movie. But I could have watched any movie with that company and it would have been just as great. (but Kahaani is good .)

Ate Pasta and Chocolate cake (two fancy names-forgotten of course). S narrated her tiger watching experience , which I found fascinating, and then terrifying as apparently they were in an open jeep without any arms. What if a tiger attacked? Would they have screamed "kitty shoo! shoo!"? Not something to kill it but may be a tranquilizer sort of a thing...whatever! I love tigers , watching then on t.v, I would love to view them in their natural habitat but I don't want to be their lunch.

Oh and there was some casual mention of a talk about the salary of the boyfriends. I wanted the Afraa Deli floor to part and consume me and save me from such nonsense. I thought I was the loser. What-what-what are you? I can give you a pep-talk whoever you are. Come kitty , come to momma. You need spanking. ***rolls eyes*** Dearest working-club hopping- modern women, go and earn your daily bread or ask GOD to give you that, like they trained you to do in school .

Oh and back in school, in class 2 or so, I did not know the meaning of "trespasses" . I never bothered to ask anyone , I was very confident that nothing called "trespasses" existed. So for a very long time I used to sing- " And forgive us our Christmases , as we forgive those who Christmas against us." I thought not making any sense was a religious norm because pushpanjalis too never made sense.

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