Friday, 22 June 2012

She is Elsa. I first watched "Born Free" in the fifth standard. We had an excerpt of the book in our syllabus. The book was "Spark Reader" as far as I can remember. The film is one of my all-time-favourites, just love Elsa. And right now I just want to lie on my back like her and drift into a peaceful slumber. Sitting on top of a jeep and touring Africa will also do.

Leaving behind what is familiar is difficult. It was difficult for Elsa too. Left alone for a week, when she finally  returned, she was weak, hurt and almost dying. That's a possibility.


I should never cancel calls from people I care about.
I should not spend money buying forms of stupid exams.

In other news- I gave myself a haircut as a cost-cutting measure, but only after spending a ridiculous amount on a piece of clothing. I had a  fight with a tailor that included dialogues like- "hum aaj se toh kapda nahi pehen rahe hain na? bachpan se pehen rahe hain" -and similar gems.

I am convinced Detective Kate Beckett's mother's murder will be an anti-climax.

and ...well..

Does one ever get to say a proper goodbye? Perhaps not. But telling your loved ones that you love them just because you are afraid that they might not be there someday is ...well...morbid.

Have you heard the songs from Gangs of Wasseypur ? You should.

Okay. Bye.


Nivedita said...

Oh! We always fight with our tailor, but 'wearing clothes since childhood'... hahahaha!

But, are you ok Shiny?

moo-moo said...

Yes I am fine dear... I am wondering what got you worried !! :) My friend and I were discussing your blog today...we were at The Royal STore @ New Market...and she loves your blog!

Honeybee said...

The Spark/Rapid Reader and The Huntersong in the same post?! :O sheer blasphemy! :P