Monday, 25 June 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

When I was a kid I picked up a book for its appealing cover or interesting title . In the fourth standard I didn't know what a 'blurb' was- and most of my school library books did not have one. I knew precious little about every book that I chose to read. 

I did not have expert reviews telling me one was better than the other. I decided which one was.  I did not have the option of Wiki-ing info about a book that I was interested in. If I picked it up, I was stuck with it for a week. 

Last night I realised that I don't read like that anymore. Either it's something already established as a 'Classic' or a book that has received good or bad reviews. It is very rarely that one can pick up a book that has not already been labelled.

Of course you always (hopefully) have your own opinion about a book but then that is a reaction to an already existing one that is accepted by many and often thrown at your face.  For me, it is very difficult to resist being influenced in some way before I even start reading.  

Last week I found a book titled "My Mother's Lover" by Urs Widmer . I read a few pages and loved it. I am going to buy that one. But more than the promise of a great story told in a beautiful way, this book gave me back that feeling of discovery

Here was a book I knew nothing about. 



Particular Girl said...

Great post. Says every thing that I've been feeling of late.

And now I want to buy 'My Mother's Lover' too. Influence, you see. :)

moo-moo said...

Thank you darling. :)