Thursday, 2 August 2012

Every other day I open this blank 'new post' page and attempt to write something very very funny. I don't. I can't. The humour light-bulb in my brain has switched off. 

Some rather non-funny updates.

I still am extremely fond of my bright orange bag, it will be with me wherever I go. 
Mary had a little lamb. Shiny had an orange bag. 

There was a blackout in my part of the world for over 10 hours, here is what I have learnt:

Keep the water tanki full. If you can't, God help.

Sit properly even in the dark as some annoying kid on some terrace has still not mastered the art of handling the torchlight. You might be under the spotlight for no rhyme or reason.

Don't try to fix a candle to a spot by holding the flame of another candle near the first candle's base. The first one melts, bends and soon you have Cupid's bow with no arrow.

Talk softly. There is no noise around. So if you are discussing sensational details about your personal life then probably your neighbours are hearing about it too. Of course if you are the screaming-shouting kind like me then no point. They hear everything everyday.

Don't listen to music on phone and don't tweet about the power-cut. Soon it will give up and go to sleep and then where will you charge your phone silly?

Yes enough about it.

Here is what you CAN do: 

Gossip using the land-line phone.


Eavesdrop on your neighbour in his/her verandah shouting about his/her physical/emotional distress to neighbour no.2 on his/her verandah.


Criticize government, power supply people.

Try to call up power supply people. This will keep you busy for hours because you won't even hear the phone ringing on the other side leave alone a human voice.

Fan yourself till your hand aches. 
(My father has purchased a fan made of plastic, which has the image of a seductress and is labelled "Mallika". He said the Shaalpata ones were not available. I believe him. I don't have a choice.)

Try and imagine what could be happening on your favourite TV show since obviously you can't watch it.

Yes enough about this too.

Okay. Bye. 

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