Friday, 24 August 2012

Women's Horlicks?

I just had a cup of Women's Horlicks.

So many products dedicated to us. We really make the MNC's run, don't we? Sanitary napkins for those days, Fair and Lovely etc to keep us glowing, thankfully we have a Fair and Handsome counterpart that acknowledges the fact that some women might like a fair skinned dude too, then we have those pills and harmless noncontroversial stuff like Women's Horlicks, a second cousin of Junior Horlicks.

I guess the Horlicks people think Men can go about their business with the 'normal' one, we the weaklings need the special 'Women's' one. How thoughtful. So thoughtful that the entire container is PINK. I like pink. Cherry on the cake? Few days back the social media went crazy about an ad selling a vagina-lightening-and-tightening cream. Olay to fight the 7 signs of aging, as if wrinkles make men so handsome.

Now what do the men have? Heart-healthy oil which the wife must buy so that the husband can remain healthy.There is the Raymonds man holding the woman's hand as she trips, the AXE dude followed by a zillion girls, the doting hubbies in the Tanishq ad who wait patiently as their wives buy diamonds, the loving Cadbury husband who obliges pretty wifey with one Cadbury piece that means "I Love You" (I would have insisted on a whole Lindt bar but then that is why I won't marry). Of course they also have Japani Tel. 


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