Sunday, 5 August 2012

The 'Jo tera hain wo mera hain' pretty much sucks. Major anticlimax after the "har ek friend' hit.

Just watched Kahaani on TV at night. Not a good idea.

Nervous. Anxious.

I like wearing a rubber band around my finger and pretending that it is a HUGE those cool gigantic stone ones that I adore.

Making a list can be therapeutic. List of what? Vegetables, fruits, animals, board games...go figure!

Having to visit the bank twice in a week is so not cool. I hate it.

Realised today that the forms that we fill everyday are so sexist- the first thing they ask after your name is the name of your father or husband. What are we? Cattle?

Another thing ...a category says ...'If self-employed then tick following boxes:  Doctor. Engineer. C.A. Others.' WOW!

Of course there must be more ridiculous ones out there.


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