Wednesday, 23 November 2011

good mawning

TOI: hey good morning!

HT: yaaaw...yeah hi ...

Telegraph: gawd so much chatter...okay yaa hi! where's et?

HT: still sleeping, no one's gonna disturb him anyway...he lies there whole day on the table

Telegraph: true, o nomoshkar PD

HT: PD? she's here?

Telegraph: yeah

Pratidin: shuprobhaat

TOI: hi-5 PD, so ..someone's missing

PD: t2, hey tele where's your bro?

Tele: it's genY all the way now...t2 disappears early in the morning and is caressed whole day...i forgot hw he looks actually, never see him at the table...CT HT CITY come close but gawd

ET: don't talk so much please, lemme sleep , today's not my day

HT: yeah right, so when is your day?

ET: wennnnesdddai, Brand Equity day. they give me 2 mins on that day. okay good night lemme sleep



Harish said...

That was a novel idea. Cheers

moo-moo said...

Thanks :)