Friday, 9 December 2011


I have just realised that my grammar is poor and I make stupid spelling mistakes. I have to get back to my Wren and Martin as soon as possible.I wish I could blame it on my inclination to use sms language but it is more than that, it is my sheer laziness to be a little more careful and responsible.

I am sad.  


Nivedita said...

eto chaap nichish keno re?

Particular Girl said...

My mother - in a spree of charity - has donated all my copies of Wren and Martin to other children. :( For my grammar I now have to rely on the internet. :( Good luck with learning grammar all over again. I want to do it too. :(

moo-moo said...

@Nivedita ami ekhon sharakhhon chaap ei thaaki. Jekonodon bishphoron hote paare. :(

@Particular Girl My mother did that too. :) I bought a second-hand one,which I had loaned to a friend subsequently. She returned it today. Now I'll educate myself a little more. I too relied on the Internet but the UK vs America battle confuses me always. If only the differences could simple like color-colour , honor-honour byapar-shayapar. But no, its not. :(