Monday, 12 December 2011

By the way.

The mercury is dipping. I woke up today morning and I thought it was July . The same overcast sky, the same cold, the same it-might-rain scenario. Thankfully it didn't but officially the season of wearing socks is here. That's one extra activity in the morning. ARRRGH!

As it is taking a bath is becoming a nightmare , on top of that there is this stupid thing called a gel bathing bar by Fiama di wills. A soap is a soap is a soap. It is not a gel if it is in a bar and trying to fuse a gel and a soap , they have created a super slippery variety of soap that has a mind of its own and launches itself into ambitious trajectories whenever it so desires.

But the icing on the soap (very literally) is that when I use it , place it back on that soap dish/rack or whatever and  take a look at it few minutes later, it is a thing of beauty, transparent crystals form all over the body of that wretched thing. A thing of beauty, in a cold bathroom at some evil hour in the morning. What do these people think when they come up with products like this ? I am sure you have not been able to imagine what I am talking about, and since I am too lazy to get a snap , let's forget about it.

Every single morning, when I sit in that godforsaken shuttle and travel through Bypass, I always imagine myself making the same journey back a few hours later, the sky darker and me tired. Every single day I imagine what I would have done if I did not have to make this journey, I could have done what I liked, I could sleep, read, eat , be a merry crocodile. Then suddenly the dust blows right into my face, thanks to all the flyovers and metros and god-knows-what-else being constructed, and I come back to reality, I realise I have missed a whole stanza of the song I was listening to.

It's the same story in the evening, while I return, finally the day being over, I think of the same ride awaiting me early the next day, what if I could skip it?

When did life become so miserable? If I actually try to pause and find out the moments of the day when I am happy or at least at peace with myself then well ...there are some..

1. When sometimes I reach the office early, there are not too many people around and it's quiet.
2. After 6, if I don't have work at office, I eagerly await that much awaited going-home hour.
3.Stepping out of the office. There is this sense of freedom I can't explain.

I know I have made it sound terrible but believe me I don't work in a concentration camp.

Last year I bought a few books at the Book Fair. Many of them are still unread. This year's fair is knocking at the door and I'm excited again even though I know there isn't much to be excited about. Books that I can get anywhere, no great discounts , dust-storms. For the past few months there has been this strange restlessness which has prevented me from actually finishing any book. I have finished 3 or 4 probably. I start reading one, then I jump to another. Anyway looks like I will break the jinx with The Story of My Assassins by Tarun Tejpal. Enjoying the book immensely. It's brutally honest, smart, funny and by all means I am hooked.  Oddly I found this one at BCL. I recall my very first visit to the library, back in school-days , there was not a single book by any non-British author , and now the fiction shelf is overflowing with so many Indian authors. I am happy.

Rambled on, in a non-cynic way. The bitch has been tamed by life. Not for long. Just you wait.


CynicalOxymoron™ said...

Hey... Your sign off line just forced me to comment! lol..

Life sure is taming us all but dont give in that easily! I can sense that urs is a heart of the rebel, so continue keep life on its toes. :P

moo-moo said...

@CynicalOxymoron No , not giving in. :)

Simantini Sinha said...

I was going through the post and suddenly I found myself wondering, "whatever the hell happened to this girl? how come she is not criticizing anything for the past 10lines??" Ahh! And then I get your epiphanic line! Yes, waiting for the time when you will go wild with your cynicism all over again!

moo-moo said...

@simantini sigh. :(