Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I love cakes. It shows. There are nice ones, and there are yucky ones. The chocolate ones that are rich and dark are yum ! and the yellow and white, pink and white, any-colour and white yucky pastries are ewww. Some times I wonder with what do they actually make that yucky cream? It churns in one's guts and is the stuff that puke is made of. So obviously I steer clear of them. Yes this post is a cake report.

1. Monginis: No definite opinion because I have visited parties where stupid parents had ordered a joker or a barbie to be made out of the cake. Seriously, you want your child to have a toy, gift them a toy, why make a toy out of cake? A barbie or a joker is not chocolate in colour, they have pink/red/blue/green stuff in them, everything that involves the use of pukish cream. All these experiences were terrible. BUT! Last year I attended my friend's birthday and there was this super yummy cake from Mongi and another friend said she gets the same one for her birthday every year. The cake was heavenly. It was a pure chocolate cake. Loved it!

2. Nahoum's: It's not a store. It's NAHOUM's! It's in New Market. It's the place from where my dad got my birthday cake every single year (even this year). Always the chocolate one. No pukish cream. Just a piece of awesome cake. However over the past few years , I found the cake too sweet at times, and there's this scent. Then there are those delightful macaroons and soup sticks (which I polish off without a drop of soup).

3. Flury's:  even if one does not have a sweet tooth, the bright pink box can cheer up any soul. It cheers me up. Bright pink and a golden cursive flury's. The "baba" cake was a yummy fruit cake , the pastries are yum and my friend got a chocolate cake which if given half a chance I could gobble up in a single sitting.

4. Kookie Jar: I like the pyramid. Hated. HATED the lemon tart. (it's lemon and butter...and it's supposed to be very popular). The cakes are tasty but often too buttery. Waaaay too buttery. I prefer their savoury stuff, the sandwiches and the tomato breads can brighten up a dreary afternoon in a jiffy. Often after catching a movie at the mall, i head to KJ and armed with my favourite bread , I plonk myself on a rickshaw and return home, well on my way to become a few kilos heavier.

5. The French Loaf:  Their cake was awesome. I had one from their chocolate fantasy range, it wasn't too sweet (this matters, especially to people like me who love larger portions :), you can eat a lot of what's not tooooo sweet) . Their Sandwiches are yum (Subway like) and so are their breads but those envelopes and what-not savoury dishes...sorry did not work for me. Too bland. A special mention of the tiramisu. Comes in a tiny cup , but wasn't there something about good things coming in small packages? :)

My mother also makes nice cakes at home, plain old ones that can be stored in a dabba and pulled out at night for a lovely midnight snack. Then there was that yummmy delight me and J (my friendu) cooked for G (our furry bro), it was an adorable one decorated with Gems and icing. There was a special charm to that, buying those ingredients , buying that icing bag. A cock (yes . morog.) flew inside that shop as my friend and i were busy buying cake-stuff. The poor thing had it's legs tied and was making a last attempt to escape. But it was  scary and funny. one moment everything is calm and the next there is a screaming cock flapping it's wings beside you.

TLC, Rachel , Nigella (with her yucky way of making stuff) and Masterchef Australia leave no stone unturned to whet my cake-appetite. A special mention of a certain Mr. Zumbo who makes houses out of cakes, a person with a disarming smile creating larger than life desserts. Love him. MA taught me so many words, I know what's a ganache ! :) In comparison , the Indian version had an episode where they made a rasgulla black forest which was the favourite of Aishwariya Rai. (rolls eyes , sticks out tongue...wyak wyak)!! who watches it anyway!!

Okay bye. 

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