Monday, 28 May 2012


5 Star has trans-fats. IPL is over. (KKR won and I did not watch a single match). Eating raw cumin seeds is fast becoming a habit...addiction. Speaking of addiction, whiteners no longer come in bottles which I can sniff, they come ONLY in useless pens. No bottles, so no diluting solution that I can sniff either. Sad. Cherry Blossom remains. Hi-5!

One fine morning (okay afternoon) , I purchased a bright orange yoga mat with my pocket money. I developed a strong attachment to the hue after I was gifted a pair of orange pants and a matching black top with huge orange flowers (no not orange blossoms, orange coloured blossoms). It was HIDEOUS but at that time I thought it was nice, like I thought my purple and yellow outfit was nice. I posed very confidently in front of the camera as we toured the nation thanks to father's LTC thing. Those pictures make me laugh. Oh...the mat. Yes, I was going to say that it remains untouched and that I am planning to make good use of it. The fate which most of my plans meet is another question altogether.

I have stored Apu Trilogy and Lolita in the same DVD, also Cleopatra and Pretty Woman in another.

There is this particular ceremony which I wish to avoid, (upanayan, poiteh ,or whatever you call it) and I thought about delivering a lecture on how it reinforces the caste system , and how it should actually be really demeaning to attend such a ceremony and that all of us non-brams should show solidarity and remain at home. However, I don't think this will work. I'll just have to go. sigh.

The computer guy has given me this software called Bangla Word where I try and type Bangla words and the results very often are amusing.

Good Night.

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