Friday, 18 May 2012


It is important to make plans for the future. I have made some.

Contact list- Room open for few newbies. Certain relatives and friends shall vanish...very gradually. Few calls, no calls... Fortunately some just need to vanish from FB friend list in order to vanish completely. Various reasons- some are too annoying, some I don't want to know about, some are too intimidatingly successful etc. 

Food- Financial resources are being planned. Father has been informed that in case he dies before me, I will not serve non-veg dishes (egg is allowed) to anyone visiting me at home. Father replied by saying that he will haunt me as a wandering ghost.

Clothes- Piles of them need to be thrown out unless I get a sewing machine and stitch two of them to make one. New ones need to be purchased. Of course, finances are being worked out.

Books- Will shamelessly continue to spend father's resources. Maintaining that perfect look of "I am saving the world" while reading is essential to convince him of the importance of that book. Casting a "You don't know" glance at mother when she gives a suspicious "another story-book?" look.

Job- Que sera sera ! I am human. If I do all the planning, what will God do? He will become fat and lazy like me. I am keeping him busy on this project.

Marriage- Will ensure that all friends who plan to tie the knot have an extensive and yummy veg buffet. Will eat and make merry. (What if someone pronounced it as "make Mary" ?-nonsense)

Home- Will fill some empty water bottles, once or twice a week, to make my presence felt. Then I shall not be thrown out. Right no?

Yes. That settles it.

PS- In my editing class, we were given a piece written by a student on the translation of Mahasweta Devi's novel Hajar Churasir Maa, in the form of a play - Mother of 1084. It was the most entertaining piece of work that I have read this summer. A line went like this-  "How much Sujata wanted to feel Brati!" ... empathy with an obscene twist? 

On that note. Bye.


Particular Girl said...

Bridget Shiny Jones. :D

"effervescencia" said...

I so relate to your first point about the FB list. But I don't do it because it keeps me motivated to do something more successful with my life. I'm too lazy otherwise. And trust me, when an 'annoying' person posts about being depressed etc, no such sadistic glee as that. I'm a terrible person.

moo-moo said...

effervescencia ...arre but the people who annoy me are never depressed , they are romantics who misquote terrible songs and awful poems...:P

@Particular Girl...I don't have a Colin Firth. :(