Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ingredients Alone Do Not A Perfect Dish Make.

In Fond Memory Of My Sunday: A page from The Diary Of A Not-So-Young Girl.

I had spent Saturday night and Sunday morning pondering about some grave truths:

  • Some couples should invest in a mutual fund instead of breeding. All they look for is "return on investment".
  • Getting a dream job is tough, knowing what it is is tough ^ 2
  • Am I endomorphic .as says my weekly magazine?..(the body type for which fasting and work-out does not work )
  • Why am I suddenly unable to finish certain books , which I do not actually find boring?
etc etc.   

Needless to say, my thoughts did not exactly shine bright .........a gloomy stage had been set.

Had every reason to be happy on Sunday, a lazy morning, the prospect of spending time with a friend, dinner at a fancy restaurant and so on..... yet a mind numbing boredom weighed heavy. After all Sundays are "brushing-at-1p.m " days. .. a slew of activities can ruin it. Sulked the entire day ( I am an expert at that).

Did not meet the friend...went for dinner at that fancy place....apart from few moments, got totally bored.
A couple of hours at a mediocre restaurant with a few good pals, or half an hour with a person with whom conversation is not a labour seems divine...and compared to that...the 3 odd hours spent at a fancy place, exchanging stupid pleasantries, being too conscious  of the decor  royally screws my mood.

And honestly....I found the food quite mediocre....barring the appetizer, which was a palak-cheese kabab (some of my non-vegetarian friends will die even trying to imagine what a veg kabab looks like !)

Dress up, travel to that place, eat those fancy stuff, admire the an obscene bill  (or watch r dad pay..ya don't judge me....I'm still a student ..obliging the world by studying)...

I am really sorry.....can you please leave me alone with a Dominoes pizza and a movie/book/nothing ...... ? It would suit me just fine.

PS: When I started this blog, I promised myself, no sob stories, no diary-like confessions etc etc. . But I have decided to allow myself an exception here and there (still adamant about the sob-stories part though).
I have realized I love reading about what goes on in people's lives (I am curious, bitchy,inquisitive and all that...unapologetically so.) , of course the details have to be non-cheesy, interesting, fun, or listless. So I am going to indulge in all that myself. With few readers, my blog is my best-bet right now!

Good Night.


Nivedita said...

Yet, I found your sob story quite interesting. What is the place? Would stay away then. Oh! You mst be in some kind of ennui. Even I tend to get into it. :P

chatterbox unplugged said...

ennui...yaah **some kind** indeed.... specific details pore bolbo :D... but it was more my mood and company, than the place...!!

ananya said...

i lubh dat park wer u mention da veg kabab...omg!ya pizzas r fun!i agree..but hey i lubh ur writing n u already kno dat!