Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lesson 1: Twinkle Twinkle

Good Morning. Please Be Seated and pay attention.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder What You Are
Up Above The World So high
Like  A Diamond In The Sky

This is a complicated one, which can be approached from many diverse angles. Let us examine each one.

1. A Child Looking Up At the Sky: The most obvious interpretation, which is accepted universally. It however has the subtext of a human mind viewing Nature in terms of worldly objects, notice that the "star" is "like" a diamond , would the child have said , if he stared at a diamond, that it was "like" a "star" ? Think about it.

2.It could also signify the ever-increasing gulf between Humans and Nature. This might actually be a protest against those who want to de-mystify Nature by comparing it to material objects like "diamonds", a star is "like" a diamond, it is not a diamond, and no matter how much one analyzes Humans will only "wonder what" they are. Perhaps this was written by a distressed Nature-admirer.

***shifting in seat......open the windows...we should have some light in the class"

3. Okay next one. It may be a person sarcastically singing it to his or her partner (soon to be ex-partner). The words "twinkle" imply the superficiality of his or her existence.....("all that glitters is not gold "style you see)...

 How I wonder What You Are? ...is the mock-acute frustration born out of a feeling of complete confusion while trying to analyze the woman/man.

 The third line could be an obliquely mocking reference to his/her snobbishness implying that he/she inhabits a different plane of existence. 

The final line expresses an extremely complicated emotion. On one hand she/he considers him/her a diamond, precious, rare but artificial, implying that he still perhaps treasures her/him......otherwise it could have been "like a glass-piece in the sky"...glass pieces "twinkle" as well but he chooses to address him/her as "diamond"...the last three words "in-the sky"...is an unfulfilled wish....that she should be as far away as the sky is........to put it bluntly, a parting is inevitable.

That's all for Today.


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